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The time of Aries is upon us, War is coming. Rumor has it that Persians march south, therefore we shall march north!

Gates of Hades is a Action/Adventure game that is inspired by the Battle of Thermopylae and the 300 Spartans legendary story.
Take control of the Spartans as they march north to meet the Persian Empire that are expanding there empire into Greece led by the “God” King Xerxes I. Use the soldiers that you have to repel the enemy. You have archers, javalineers and Spartans Hoplites.
Come back with your shield, or upon it.

Your band of Spartans are ONE!
If one of them dies the rest will shortly follow.
Keep them all alive!
You can use your support troops to help crush the enemy. Your Athenian archers are most suitable for combating the enemies archers. You also have Arcadian Javalineers who will help support from the rear.
The buttons on the bottom of the screen are self explanatory.

Alternative Controls:

1 - Block

2 - Arrow Volley

3 - Javelin Volley

4 - Melee Thrust

More content will be added in the future, this is just my minimal viable product of something i want to make.

Also available on Google Play: Gates of Hades - Thermopylae


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a fun simple game...theres nothing more that can be said 4/5

thanks a lot, now i know some things that i need to work on.